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Voluntary work in Lesotho – The Kingdom in the Sky

Lesotho, a small kingdom in southern Africa, the highest country in the world, with its seemingly endless plains in the north and the fascinating Drakensberg mountains in the south. In this fascinating landscape, the proud Basotho people live between tradition and modernity.


Learn more about volunteering in Lesotho. In the “Blogs” section you will also find reports with lots of pictures, experiences and the experiences of other volunteers in Lesotho.


Voluntary work in Mafeteng

The busy town of Mafeteng is located in the southwest of Lesotho near the border with South Africa and is the financial and cultural centre of the district of the same name. A good hour’s drive from the capital Maseru, Mafeteng is one of Lesotho’s largest cities with a population of 50,000. In the heart of the city is the Kingsgate Primary School.


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Voluntary work in Malealea

Coming from the capital Maseru over the Gates of Paradise Pass (2001m) you reach the picturesque Makhaleng valley with the small village Malealea and the surrounding communities. The Malealea Development Trust (MDT), our partner organisation, is based in the Malealea Lodge.


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